Travel Force Cosmos

Travel Force Cosmos® is a complete modern mid-back office, which has the ability to communicate with GDSs, other databases, other providers etc. The application is a rich client application, installed locally on the DMC's server along with the centralized database. In case the DMC wishes, the database can reside on any server in the cloud. Suitable for all DMCs of medium and large size (minimum 10 terminals). The product is especially suitable for multi country, multi branch and multicurrency DMCs and addressed mostly to business and leisure travel and tour operator organizations.

New Features
  • Modular Implementation
  • Innovative Conceptual Design
  • 4th generation Application Suite that covers Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, CRM, POS Management, MIS, Inventory and Operations
  • Integrates with other systems exchanging data and functionality
  • Multilingual with Multi-Currency support
  • Multi-branch and multi-company support

Travel Force Cosmos® and is a complete ERP and accounting application specialized in dealing with the specific challenges posted by the Travel Industry, such as Ticketing, BSP, and special VAT regulation services. The module is interconnected to all the other modules of the Travel Force Cosmos® Application Suite in a highly customizable way, in order to automatically translate user actions into accounting entries in a process that runs in the background and is invisible to the end user.

The Accounting Subsystem incorporates:

  • General Ledger
  • Items Payable/Receivable
  • Open Items management
  • Cheque Management
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconcilia-tion
  • Cost Control
  • Budget and cash flow management
  • All the reports required by local tax authorities
This level of integration eliminates the need for costly middleware applications necessary to interconnect various applications from different vendors, reduces the support costs and mini-mizes the margin of errors.

The module sits on top of the accounting subsystem and handles all the necessary fiscal document production.

  • Re-use of data from the sales mod-ules to eliminate redundant data entry
  • Infinitely customizable document format and appearance
  • Documents are printed or converted to popular format, such as PDF for transmission via email or the web
  • Integrated support for the special Fiscal Signature devices, as stipu-lated by each country's Tax Authority

To minimize manual data entry Travel Force Cosmos® comes loaded with specialized interfaces that capture ticket data from all major GDS systems and automatically load it into the system. This dramatically reduces user work load and practically eliminates the margin for error. Such Interfaces currently exist for: Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan, Gabriel/SITA

Apart from the major GDS Systems, Travel Force Cosmos® also provides interfaces with smaller, specialized reservation systems such as ForthCrs, Ferryscreen and many XML Hotel Service Providers.

The application provides the necessary tools to allow the successful management of all types of services a Travel Agent or Tour Operator might offer.

The subsystem allows:

  • Importing of services from GDS's, CRS's and XML content providers
  • Automatic production of Invoices, Vouchers and all necessary correspondence with clients and suppliers
  • Tracking of commission's payable and receivable and automatic production of commission invoices
  • Cost control and supplier invoice management both in local and in foreign currency

The application provides the necessary tools for the creation of a Hotel database. For each hotel the application can handle information such as:

  • Hotel Name, Class, Address, Location, Contact Info
  • Hotel and room facilities
  • Hotel Photos and description
  • Suppliers associated with it
  • Detailed Tariffs and Pricelists
  • Special Offer Management
  • Inventory control (allotment, guarantee and commitment contracts)
  • Dynamic utilization of tariffs and inventory control in the sales process

In a process very similar to the creation and management of Hotel Tariffs the application also facilitates the same for any other Service type other than accommodation. Examples of service types handled:

  • Car Rental
  • Private and Group Transfers
  • Cruises
  • Guided Tours
  • Restaurant set menus
  • Pre-Packaged Third Party Tours

Individual products may be combined in order to create Packages. The Package module offers unparalleled flexibility it the creation, marketing, sales, operational and financial handling for:

  • FIT Packagesl
  • Pre-Packaged Holidays
  • Organized Tours
  • Excursions and activities organized by local DMC's

The module deals with the specialized MIS Reporting needs of large corporate clients and provides a way to report back to them their sales with all the intricate accompanying information such as cost centers, departments, project numbers, employee numbers, fare benchmarking, that they may require.

Travel Force Cosmos® has a very powerful reporting engine built into its core. Apart from the reports bundled with the system, it allows the creation of ad hoc reports and dashboards to assist management in monitoring key metrics that affect their decisions.

The unsurpassed versatility of Travel Force Cosmos® Air Ticketing, include new and innovative business concerns, such as:

  • Multi Behavioural Roles
  • Multi Entity Roles
  • Extended Customer Profiling
  • Extended Vendor Profiling
  • Multi GDS Support
  • Profit/Loss Centre Management
  • Opportunity Lost Reports
  • Saving Reports
  • Fee Policy Management

The Ticketing module of Travel Force Cosmos® offers full commercial, statistical and accounting control to all Travel Agencies (both IATA and non IATA) involved with ticket sales. It handles BSP Air Ticketing, Low Cost Airlines, Boat, Rail and Bus tickets. It allows the agent to:

  • Handle Ticket, MPD and Voucher as well as ADM/ACM issue, refund and exchange
  • Automatically issue the respective invoice
  • Issue client statements at the chosen interval
  • Produce all the necessary reports to check the BSP billing each fortnight or automatically cross-check BSP data with Travel Force Cosmos® data and quickly settle the differences
  • Produce client and supplier sales and profit reports and a wealth of other statistics to help the client successfully manage the business

Travel Force Cosmos® can handle the entire Ticketing business in such a way that each Travel Agency has the flexibility to choose only the modules that serve them best, thus reducing significantly the cost.

Additionally, the program provides for those offices that have branches, the possibility of direct connection with head office, automatic transfer and recording of items, ensuring up-to-date information at any time. The user has only to record on a simple form all the ticket details and the rest is done automatically:

  • Air Ticket Manager
  • Refund Tickets
  • Reissues
  • Void Tickets
  • Ticket Clearance
  • Sales Reports
  • BSP Reports
  • BSP Transmittal Form
  • Profit Reports
  • Statistics per Client & Supplier
  • Statistics per Salesperson
  • Sales receipts
  • Credit notes, Commission In-voices
  • Automatic Accounting updates
  • Invoice or receipt of payment
  • Updates the balances of Clients and Suppliers
  • Updates sales reports
  • Statements of Clients
  • Automatic issue of documents for Service Fees
  • Extended Agent's profile and service fee model

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