Support had always been one of Panasoft’s competitive advantages. We value our customers and aim to create a positive customer experience, because we understand that this is the basis of any successful business software company. Our background and current standing in the Travel Industry, ensures our profound understanding of the processes behind a successful Travel Company, thus ensuring our understanding of our customers' needs and expectations.

From pre-sales consulting to initial implementation and day to day operation of our software solutions, our motivated team of well-trained hardware and software support representatives is there to guide you. Over the telephone, on site or over secure remote assistance software, we have the experience to quickly get to the point so that you can go on with your work.


Our call center is based in Athens, Greece (+30 211 1029300), but we also have telephone support in Cyprus and in the Middle East.



Training is an important part of the implementation process and is usually done on the client’s premises. A typical full mid-back installation requires on average 10 to 15 days. These days, though, with the advance in digital communications, it is very possible, and sometimes highly desirable, to arrange training to be done remotely, ensuring an immediate response to an urgent request, or reducing costs whilst maintaining flexibility and comfort.