Service Fee Calculation

A red app which calculates and inserts service fees in PNRs according to corporate clients’ contracts or company’s default fee policy. Both service item and bundle fees (fees that are based on more than one product) are supported. The app features a setup component to manage the clients’ contracts which consist of various rules and their corresponding fees. Rules in turn contain one or more conditions which are validated in the app to calculate the fees. Manual agent decision fees are also supported.

The app can be invoked by any Sabre command (or manually), to ensure that Service Fees are applied before ticketing. Service fees that apply depending on destination are calculated and displayed to the agent. Agents enter values for the manual decision fees and can also add or remove fees according to their access level. The app then enters the service in the PNR as OTH segments with their respective accounting lines.

  • Calculates and inserts service fees in PNRs according to the contracts with corporate clients
  • Unlimited number of calculation rules
  • Default fee policy for clients without contracts
  • Both product based and bundle fees are supported
  • Manual Agent decision fees are supported
  • Ensures consistency in the application of fees in the PNR

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