Cosmos Red SARA (StandAlone Red Apps)

A suite of Red Apps that run in Sabre Red Workspace and assist the agent in the reservation building process. Each app automates a different part of the workflow, from fare shopping to booking fulfilment. Apps interact with each other and are presented in a compact and uniform user interface that natively coexists within Sabre Red. They are triggered either manually or automatically based on agent actions. A basic common property of the apps is the fact that they bring quality control features in the booking process without the user changing environment and accessing a mid or back office. They can also enforce them by stopping the fulfilment commands if the agent tries to bypass the procedure.

The suite was created so as to bring the functionality of Cosmos Red to non-users of Travel Force Cosmos. In order to achieve this, a complete CMS (Content Management System) is included that is more than sufficient for the setup and management of the suite.

The suite contains the following apps:

Highlights Sabre’s response and displays a list of preferred and embargoed vendors by the agency or the client, based on the destination. Ideal for sales target achievement and client company policy enforcing. View More

Connects to the back office of the agency and controls the fulfilment of the reservation based on the available credit limit of the client. Optionally displays credit and balance information. View More

A Red App for inserting, in a user friendly way, non-GDS sales (like Hotels, Car Rentals, Low Cost Carriers, etc.) in the PNR. Especially for Hotels, the app saves entered info in a database for reuse thus ensuring quicker user input and data integrity. View More

A Red App for inserting and managing accounting lines under segments in the PNR using a graphical user interface. Features include viewing, deleting and refunding. View More

A Red App which calculates and inserts service fees in PNRs according to corporate clients’ contracts or agent’s default fee policy. Both service item and bundle fees are supported. View More

A Red App which ensures that the PNR contains fields (in remarks or UDIDS) that are required by the agency or by the client in order to be used by a back office system for various accounting and reporting purposes. View More

A Red App that constantly runs in the background and ensures that the PNRs created conform to specific quality guidelines in an informative or restrictive role. The app consists of setup module and a PNR based rule engine that can perform actions, triggered by user input based on certain conditions being met. View More

A Red App that automatically formats itinerary, scheduling and shopping info into a simple HTML or plain text document, based on predefined templates and dispatches it via email or SMS. View More

In addition to the above red apps, which are installed in Sabre Red Workspace, a web CMS is included which can be accessed either from inside SRW, or from any recent web browser. The same CMS works for all SARA, but depending on the purchased apps, only the relevant parts are displayed.

Finally the above apps can have add-ons, which are not apps by themselves, since they cannot work on their own, but provide added functionality to the other red apps. The following add-ons are available (or will be available in the near future):

  • Franchise Client Support
  • Credit Check Authorisation
  • Service Fee Authorisation

Panasoft will offer more add-ons in the future, according to market needs.

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