Quality Guardian

A Red App that constantly runs in the background and ensures that the PNRs created conform to specific quality guidelines in an informative or restrictive role. The app performs its task by following a set of rules entered by the supervisors. The rules consist of:

  • One or more conditions. These include (but not limited to) checking the client code, EPR, PCC, carrier codes, destination, itinerary, specific remarks and any PNR related information. Multiple conditions can be entered for each rule, linked together with binary logic (AND, OR, NOT).
  • One or more actions. These include stopping the process, warning messages, entering remarks, or any other SABRE emulator command.

The rules are triggered by commands entered in SRW. Multiple rules can be triggered by the same command, and a rule can be triggered by many commands. The app consists of 2 parts. The setup CMS (which is shared with the other Panasoft Red Apps) and the app itself that runs in SRW.

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