Preferred Vendors

A preferred vendor/supplier highlighting red app for flights, hotels and rental cars. It listens to availability commands (1…, HOT…, CF…) entered by the agent. The command is parsed and the destination is acquired.

A vertical view (plugin window) comes up on the right of the workspace that displays the agency’s and the client’s preferences as well as embargoed vendors. They are also highlighted in the response of the command, inside the workspace (not supported in SRW ver 3.0). The app features a setup component, where the administrator can setup world regions, and the preferences for each category. The information can also be used as a condition in a rule by other apps, e.g. Service Fee or Quality Guardian.

  • Highlights preferred vendors for flights, hotels and car rental searche
  • Agency and Customer preferences highlighted in Sabre response
  • Display of all preferences for the destination in the availability search
  • Embargoed vendors also highlighted

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