Enhanced Itinerary

A Red app that automatically formats itinerary, scheduling and shopping info into a simple HTML or plain text document, based on predefined templates and dispatches it via email or SMS.

Multiple customizable templates can be created and used according to client preference, different products or for different uses containing:

  • Itinerary info (flights, hotel, cars, etc.)
  • Financial and e-ticket info (fares, service fees, taxes)
  • Agency or client related info (e.g. logos)
  • Static info in text or image form (e.g. agency terms and conditions)

Emails can be configured to contain multiple documents in PDF format. All documents are stored for later retrieval. SMS notifications are supported which can contain links to documents that can be accessed over the internet. Agents can choose the information that will be included in the document at the time of dispatch and can send a booking partially, hiding segments (active, passive or OTH), products or remarks.

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