Credit Control

Creating bookings for clients that are allowed to have an open balance requires the agent to know whether he can proceed and complete the transaction. In order to do that he needs to know the specific credit policy of the client, as well as other back office financial information. The credit check app can be auto executed:

  • initially when selecting the client (profile download)
  • finally before booking fulfilment (e.g. issuing a ticket)

or manually at any other time in the course of the reservation, taking into account all transactions entered. In the final stage, the app will allow the booking to be completed only if everything is in order according to client policy. This app cannot work on its own, but rather needs a mid or back office system in order to retrieve the data. Of course, Travel Force Cosmos and Travel Force Prime are supported, and interfaces with other popular systems are built according to demand. At the final stage, should the client not get validated, there is an option for a supervisor authorization override.

  • Initial credit limit check
  • Can be invoked at any time
  • Can be connected to a back office other than Travel Force Cosmos
  • Final credit limit check

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