Accounting Lines Management

A red app that facilitates the insertion of accounting lines under segments in the PNR in a clear and concise way without having to use Sabre cryptic commands. The app initially displays a table with all segments, except active air, sorted by type. Segments that already contain an accounting line appear in a different color. Selecting a segment displays its accounting lines (if any) with a Refund button adjacent and a Create button which displays a form that contains the fields required for the app to insert a new line. The app can also be used as an easy way to inspect the accounting lines of a PNR and find out missing pieces.

The app features a setup component, where various parameters are maintained and can also work in cooperation with the Passive Segments app to allow the subsequent entry of an accounting line for the passive segment entered.

  • Insertion of accounting lines for passive segments
  • Refund and Discount Accounting lines
  • Easy to spot missing entries
  • Management of invoiced accounting lines – IURs only contain new accounting lines

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